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Navigator Wanted! Lost looking for Quilts by the Sea

Saturday was a great day for a drive and I was a girl on a mission. Emails from quilt shops and friends made sure I knew that the Amelia Island Quilt Guild was having a show.

I printed my Google maps directions, grabbed my digital camera, and hit the road. Window down and singing along to the radio (yes, I still listen to the radio in the car), I cruised onto the island. The Google directions were easy enough to follow. I turned at the proper corner and slowly headed down the street. Nothing that looked like the right number of cars for a quilt show. I went a few more blocks down the street — I arrived at the water, so I know I missed it somehow.

Pulled into a parking lot and got out my iPhone. Time to find the right place. OK, the new directions said that I turned left when I needed to turn right. Nope. This is a park, not a quilt show. Maybe it’s back the other way and I missed it? I went back to the first location and still didn’t see the Peck Center. Maybe I need to ask someone. I saw a cute yellow needlework shop and went in to ask directions.

Two great black dogs met me at the door of The Bristly Thistle. They sniffed hello and moved on. The rows of threads on display had just caught my eye when I felt a soft brush of fur on my flip-flopped foot. One of the dogs had plopped down beside me and looked up as if to say “you’re going nowhere.” I got directions from the shop owner, promised the dog at my feet that I’d be back one day soon and started for the door. Nope. Not going anywhere. The other one was stretched out across the doorway. More patting and promising I’d be back before I was allowed to leave. I’m not sure which was Morgan and which was Gracie, but they are about the sweetest shop dogs I have met.

Back in the car. A customer said  I should be looking for a sign that says Quilt Show. Found it. How did I miss this big banner over the street before? I drove on looking for the sign pointing to the Peck Center. I found the port, but no sign. This time when I turned around, I decided to find 10th Street and drive until I found it. Success at Last!

The quilts are wonderful. This red and white one has an interesting setting – the pinwheels move around the quilt like the snowflakes.


Winter Fun by Deborah Dunman and Mary Eagan
First Place, Collaborative Quilts

I love the vintage prints and patterns. The arrangement seems to make bouquets.


Treasured Blocks by Barbara Tucker
First Place Mid Pieced – Machine Quilted

I love redwork. I did not manage to capture the name and maker of this quilt, but I love the way the Bible verses are worked in the design. After studying the program, this one might be “1905 Signature Quilt” by Kirsten Campbell in the Non Judged Category. What a personal quilt!


After the show, I visited a new shop, The Mermaid’s Walk. More about this shop soon.