Monthly Archives: August 2012


So there I was, quietly typing at my desk, when a CD dropped down beside the phone. Mojo-A-Go-Go  was written on the flap of the envelope. Hmmm. Interesting.

After four days of saying, no I haven’t listened to it yet, I have just one question for my music loving friend — yes, you –you know who you are — where is the scramble board? My feet can’t keep still and solving the puzzles on the scramble board would give me a break now and then.

Definitely reminiscent of the music blaring out of my friend Carmen’s bedroom window while we played kickball in the alley. Hey, what can I say? That summer it was our thing and we were doing what we wanted to.

Oh, and that cleaning I was going to do tonight? Curtis Mayfield’s moved me on up.

Cha Dooky Do!