Latin Detours

I stopped at Whole Foods the other day to see if they had my favorite sherry back in stock. Score! The Good Stuff. Osborne oloroso. Guess I am a bit snobbish about it, but one sip detours me back to high school and I am in the Osborne Bodega in Puerta de Santa Maria, Spain sipping the wines and nibbling on cheese, bits of ham and olives.  Add in the flamenco beat of a Gipsy Kings CD and the tropical rainstorm disappears.

Things Spanish have been on my mind since I read about the passing of Carlos Fuentes, one of  my all-time favorite authors. For six weeks I have scribbled my thoughts, but nothing seems worthy of sharing, so, on a dark and stormy night, I compromise.

His Chac Mool was the first short story I read in Spanish. Gracias, Srta. V. Oddly enough, it was the same year as my Spanish adventure.  Spanish classes at Marycrest College expanded my love of his writing with La Muerte de Artemio Cruz.  It wasn’t until I’d been teaching for about 10 years that I began reading his works in English. Gracias, Barnes & Noble. The Buried Mirror,  a celebration of Spanish and Latin American cultures, captivated not only me, but my students. Commissioned by the Spanish government for the Quincentennial celebration of Columbus’ 1492 voyage, this book and accompanying five-part television special introduced millions of people to the handsome, erudite author and statesman who introduced and narrated the beautifully balanced episodes. Somehow he found a way to celebrate the discovery and honor the New World.

Paging through the stack of his books beside my reading chair, trying to decide which book to revisit, is a perfect way to ignore the deluge outside. The music stops and I notice that the rain’s temporarily diminished. I listen to the frogs croak in celebration of the rain as I pour another glass, switch the CD to some Mana, and return to the book waiting in my chair.


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