Tropical Storm Beryl’s Aftermath

Last weekend was a rainy washout. Sunday evening a blue heron was standing at the edge of the pond looking up to the sky, judging how soon he’d have to take cover from the storm band moving in. About midnight the eye of the storm reached us.  I was quilting with the sun porch doors open when, all of a sudden, the wind slowed and in blew the joyous sounds of frogs celebrating the rain. Nothing can be bad if the frogs are singing! The next evening when I went out to check on the building and my car (no damages, thank goodness), the heron was back standing guard on the pond, the water had risen about a foot.

The glare of the flash reflecting on underside

This weekend was perfectly sunny so I checked the batteries in the camera and went out to see what’s new. Mushrooms are poppin’ up all over the place. I didn’t want to take the usual from the top or side zooming it in so I experimented with setting the camera at an interesting angle that looked as if I were going to capture the mushroom of choice and clicked the shutter. There are some very interesting shots that I am starting to sketch in thread for future posts.

A "blind shot" -- Camera positioned on the ground, pointed toward mushrooms

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  1. Those pictures look lovely! Nice angles!

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