Indiscriminate Photography

PB&J? Check. Fruit? Check. Camera with new batteries and empty data card? Check. Time to meet the girls for girls’ day out. That means an exciting picnic and nature walk at the Girl Scout camp.

The girls are on the look out for objects to turn into holiday decorations. I am on a mission to gather images for a new needlework idea. I have been reading about other artists’ art quilts for long enough. It is now time for me to jump in and see what I can create. I have always loved the lines and colors that blend so well in nature, so it’s logical for me to go to the woods in search of lines.

 Too bad I left my logic at home that day.

In fewer than four hours I had filled the data card with 88 images. You’d’ve thought that I had never taken photos before. 88 images of what? Ok, upon review, there are about 10 cute photos of us girls. The rest are shots of trees, leaves, nuts, berries, fungus, and flowers.

 To most people this is a boring photo of the side of the trail. So, what was I thinking? Look, the light is making yellow sparkles!  I want to try a sketch of the curved and straight lines the trunks branches and leaves make.

Uh, huh. The Lansing kids are correct. I am a bit crazy.

But what a bout this one? It’s not boring, is it?

Tipped over trees. Sounds like an assignment I might have given my students: what happened to the tree? Nope. Not the assignment I have in mind. This one could be an interesting study in black and white. Look how the dirt clumps have fallen out and left holes.

Wait a minute. What was my point? Oh yeah, digital photography will turn me into an indiscriminate photographer if I am not careful. I used to think much more critically when I had a camera in my hand. I normally had a roll of 36 exposures and another in my pocket for two weeks of vacation. That meant I couldn’t take all 72 photos on the nature walk; Thanksgiving dinner and family photos required me to save at least a roll for that event.

That is so not true today. I can take a photo like this

and delete it because it looks like a fuzzy stick instead of the lizard the girls and I imagined it could be.  After all, not all of us can see an alligator like this from the walking path.

All this thinking has made me tired. Perhaps it’s time to take a nap under this canopy of Spanish moss.


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