Creating Positive Spin While You Wait for an Interview

            This Sunday morning started out on track. Made coffee, turned on Sunday Morning, checked my online messages, began reading the Sunday New York Times, and next thing you know, Detour. Just as I was ready to work on my Staying Positive During Job Searches workshop, I was distracted by Facebook.

              An email alert let me know that my friend posted something that said that my all time favorite, The Wizard of Oz, is just a movie about two girls fighting over shoes. Intriguing and true. This lead to a series of funny posts that kept me from my mission, or did they?

             It reminded me that proper perspective is necessary to keep your sanity while you wait for someone to call and ask you to come in for an interview. Dorothy was on a quest to find the way home – or was it an opportunity to meet three BFFs – or was it a battle to keep those gorgeous, red shoes from the clutches from the Wicked Witch? (Did you know she has no name in Baum’s book? Another quick detour this morning.) How well you survive the job search depends on the spin you put on your day.

             I know firsthand that it’s depressing emailing six resumes on Sunday evening when you know that there is a chance that AZ10989384@???.com will never respond and you have no phone number for a follow-up call. So what do you do on Wednesday when your phone hasn’t rung? You turn off the TV and internet and find something physical to do to burn off the stress waiting brings. The money rule for the day is that the only money you spend is for gas.

             My Top 5

  1. Get some of your unused, closeted things ready to donate or put in a yard sale. You won’t really miss it and someone may need it.
  2. Call your friend or get the kids and go shoot some hoops or play Frisbee.
  3. Go for a walk. Avoid the mall if you find it depressing to go there and leave without buying something.
  4. Volunteer at a pet shelter. Who can have a bad day when you spend it playing with kittens and puppies?
  5. Work in a garden, rake some leaves, or wash down your apartment deck.

             This physical activity can trick your brain into thinking you have had a productive day. Your victory dance when you beat your friend in hoops insures that.

             Now, back to planning the workshop that I am presenting in ten days. I have decided to forego the PowerPoint ritual and do an old school paper and pencil presentation. Having something concrete to annotate and refer to will definitely be more helpful than a series of bulleted slides.


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