Birthday Detours or I’m OK with Being Older than Fred Flintstone

            Every year toward the end of summer, my mom starts reminding me that I’m an old lady. It used to crack me up because she’s been 21 for nearly all of my life. Then, last year, the day before my birthday, I was listening to the news and learned that I am older than Fred Flintstone. Everyone knows he’s prehistoric, so how can I be older than him?  That was my least favorite birthday because I could not get past Fred’s age. It took many silly jokes to get over it and, thank goodness, I found I was looking forward to my big day this year.

             The celebration usually starts when I get my pre-birthday present about two weeks before the actual day. In my universe, birthdays are delicious eating and shopping extravaganzas that go on for weeks and weeks. This year was no exception. The celebration began with lunch and antiquing and ended with at stop at Sweet by Holly for outrageous birthday cupcakes. Because my friends tend to do things in small groups instead of large events, the party’s still on. We just celebrate our way to the next person’s birthday.

             This birthday is drifting into my niece’s birthday this weekend. She played the Make Me Something, Aunt Cyndi card and the perfect thing to go with one of her other presents happens to be something handcrafted. I started the project in plenty of time and then….tragedy struck. The tension on my sewing machine wasn’t right and so I began troubleshooting.

             Did you know that the teensy screw on the side of my sewing machine bobbin case is impossible to find when it drops in the carpet under my sewing table? Either it bounced and rolled, or, it’s not magnetic. A bright Ott Light and a magnet sweep couldn’t find it. So, I am sewing her gift by hand and this weekend I will have to detour to the sewing machine shop.

             Detour averted. I decided to look one more time last night and found it under the curve of the table leg. Got out my smallest screwdriver and put the screw back in the bobbin and the machine sews beautifully. Present finished and in the box.

             This weekend is prime time to get back on the road. My goal was to have a query letter for my book completed by Sunday. I may be able to have something roughed out by then. Ha! Who am I kidding? Playtime detours are scheduled for the next couple of days and did I mention that the book I’m reading is getting really interesting?


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